The Kerusso® Light House Apparel Display

July 19, 2019

The Kerusso® Light House Apparel Display

Posted at 3:30PM • 7/16/19 • Liz Sagaser

If you’re looking for maximum profit potential with a minimal footprint, the Kerusso Light House Apparel Center is the answer.

Let’s look at why inspirational apparel makes sense for your business.


240 million Americans identify as Christian.           

The majority of your customers likely fall into this category.

In a national survey of more than 1,000 Christian retail shoppers, 30% of shoppers said they have bought Christian T-shirts from a local Christian store, while 47% of shoppers said they purchase Christian apparel on impulse.

The Associated Press has published annual sales figures of Christian merchandise (apparel, gifts, books, etc.) of $4.6 billion per year; clearly, the search for meaning extends beyond Sunday morning into retail shopping habits and lucrative opportunities for savvy retailers.

Kerusso provides you with the #1 brand of inspirational T-shirts.

Our innovative Kerusso® Light House Apparel Center does most of the work for you, packing maximum sales impact into a sliver of your sales floor.

Inventory Management, Product Display, and Sales are easy with this system!


The Kerusso Light House makes MORE MONEY per square foot than ANY OTHER display in our store!

— Rodney, Season Shoppe

You’ll love the benefits of the Kerusso Light House

Imagine a mobile salesperson able to display 20 attractive T-shirt options in a single carousel tower.

Inventory Control

Take quick stock of on-hand inventory; 20 apparel designs in a single organized display make inventory management a snap.

Minimal Display Footprint

The four-sided Light House Apparel Center 20 accommodates (5) T-shirt designs on each side, with a streamlined tower securely attached to wheels for easy mobility. No bulky structure to haul or dust, no complicated doodads to take up space — no hangers necessary. Just an attractive display within about two square feet of space. #wowser

Maximum Product Display Space

A typical 4-arm hanging rack might display four different designs, or even as many as 8-12, with extended arm span. Our Light House Apparel Center presents 20 unique product designs in a robust size range and in a single mobile display unit.

Attractive Spinning Display

The interactive, action-oriented Light House Apparel Center encourages customers to keep on shopping with an easy turn of the display. The Light House offers fun shop-ability for customers and easy upkeep for you. It’s the fully packed merchandising solution you’ve been looking for!

Let Us Show You the Money

The Kerusso Light House Apparel Center is a proven sales display offering more money per square foot than any other merchandising solution.

The Kerusso Light House works so well for my store that I brought in a second one. The product is so amazing that it sells itself, but the display definitely helps me with space and lets me bring in more!

— Hilma, Redwood Store


What are you waiting for? Contact Kerusso today to learn more about our exclusive Kerusso Light House Apparel Center, and how Kerusso apparel, accessories, and gifts can impact your bottom line. Ask about the HOLD FAST™ Armory, grace & truth® Boutique, and Cherished Girl® displays, too!

CALL TO LEARN MORE: 800.424.0943

Get the Kerusso Light House Apparel Display for $1



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