The Kerusso® Light House Apparel Display


("LAC20" displayed in image is 1 of 4 packages available)

If you’re looking for maximum profit potential with a minimal footprint, the Kerusso Light House Apparel Center is the answer.  Imagine a mobile sales person able to display 20 attractive T-shirt options in a single carousel tower.

You’ll love the benefits the Kerusso Light House has to offer:

Inventory Control
● Minimal Display Footprint
● Maximum Product Display Space
● Attractive Spinning Display

The Kerusso Light House Apparel Center is a proven sales display offering more money per square foot than any other merchandising solution. Just ask our Retail Partners!

Seasons Shoppe

"The Kerusso Light House 10 makes MORE MONEY per square foot than ANY OTHER display in our store!”

— Rodney F., Seasons Shoppe

Gideon’s Trumpet

"I have 3 Light House spinners and a Kidz Spinner. I do not regret my decision to have all 4. Our T-shirt sales have increased by 164 shirts (22%) over the last year after bringing in the fourth display."

— Kay E., Gideon’s Trumpet

Redwood Store

"The Kerusso Light House works so well for my store that I brought in a second one. The product is so amazing that it sells itself, but the display definitely helps me with space and lets me bring in more!"

— Hilma, Redwood Store