Creating Impactful Retail Displays

July 16, 2019

Creating Impactful Retail Displays

Posted at 3:30PM • 7/17/19 • Liz Sagaser

One of the most important competitive advantages you have as a brick and mortar retailer is the ability to engage shoppers through impactful retail displays.

According to this article by Rocket Production, consider the following factors to maximize the potential of your Retail Displays:

  • Experiment with colors to ensure products stand out on the display.
  • Be mindful of font type and size – can information be easily read at a glance?
  • Consider whether you have included the basic information shoppers need, especially price.

In addition to the visual aspects of merchandising, the most impactful Retail Displays offer something more. Consider sensory elements like touch and movement when planning/building displays.

The organization, Chain Store Age, conducted research that determined the following: Getting a customer to pick-up a product has the highest correlation with purchasing (30% of products held were purchased; purchasing increased to 60+% when more than one item was held).

Beyond offering great products, the merchandise you carry must be displayed in ways that capture customer attention and engage them in touching the products on display. Displays that offer movement and encourage touch, increase sales potential and can positively impact the bottom line.

We’ve built over 30 years of apparel industry know-how into our award-winning merchandise displays, and we’d love to help you grow your retail sales through top-selling Kerusso® apparel, accessories, and gifts.






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