8 Strategies to Inspire Customer Loyalty

January 14, 2020


“The foundation stones for balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.”

—Zig Ziglar

Customer loyalty is more than just a buzzword. Loyalty among those who choose to shop in your store leads to more frequent visits, larger average purchases, increased referral business, and a longer customer life span.

Loyalty matters — and if you aren’t focused on this key aspect of customer service & sales, you’re leaving money on the table.

8 Strategies to Inspire Customer Loyalty 

Thank every customer, every time. Customer looked around, but didn’t make a purchase? Thank them for coming in. Customer made a return or exchange? Say “Thank you,” for the opportunity to serve them. Customer made a purchase? Thank you very much — hope to see you again soon!

Be there when customers need you.Loyalty is often formed ‘in the trenches.’ Prove your dedication to service by going the extra mile to procure a product your customer is seeking. Offer hassle-free returns to the best of your ability. Stay open 15 minutes late so your customer can pick out that perfect last-minute gift.

Deliver WOW experiences. If you want customers to return, make their experience memorable. Customers who feel well taken care of will want more of that feeling. Train your staff to offer every customer star treatment.

Make it personal.Customers love it when you remember their name or ask how their most recent purchase is working out for them. Send emails using your customers’ first names, and don’t hesitate to personally message your fans on Facebook or other social media channels.

Be consistent.When you set a higher standard for yourself and your staff, customers will notice. The key is to keep that energy going, so customers trust they can expect a consistently positive experience in your store. Recognize positive contributions from your team and share a continual message of service excellence. Discuss opportunities for improvement and thank your staff daily for making customers their top priority.

Offer exclusive merchandise.What do local shoppers seek that your competitors don’t offer? Do your research and carry product lines, or specific products, that are unique to your store.

Ask for feedback, then act on it.If you really want to know what will win your customers’ loyalty, ask! Ask shoppers in person, send email surveys, ask questions on social media, or offer coupons in exchange for brief in-store surveys. Find out what your customers value most, what bugs them, and what will bring them back for more. Then, do what you can to meet those needs.

Implement a Shopper Loyalty Program. Whether you use low tech punch cards or a sophisticated online platform to track purchases over time, customers love loyalty rewards. Talk to retailers you know about their experiences and conduct research on Google and Pinterest. Whatever program you choose, train (and continue training) your associates on the process and promote your program throughout the year for maximum effectiveness.


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