Some Bridges are Meant to be Burned

December 27, 2018

Some Bridges Are Meant To Be Burned

Posted at 12:30PM • 12/1/18 • Liz Sagaser

"One of the hardest things in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn."

— David Russell

Team Kerusso® knows if you ask ten people for their definition of success, you’ll likely receive ten different answers. No matter how you define success, great advice on how to achieve it is often universal.

We’re big fans of building bridges, but sometimes it makes sense to burn them, instead. We’ve gathered tips below for a few tired old bridges worth burning as you prepare for a new year, and new opportunities.

Stop worrying what other people think. Do things exactly like everyone else, and no one will talk about you. Go your own way, take risks, try something new or different...and there will be plenty of talk. Quit worrying about what other people say; you can only run one race: yours. Stay in your own lane, and let ‘em talk.

Stop worrying about what you have, and instead focus on what you do. Have you ever noticed the more of something you have, the less valuable it starts to feel? A bigger house, a fancier car, and any other material thing you can possess won’t bring lasting happiness, but the positive impact you have on the lives of others will inspire lasting joy.

Help others. Invest in your employees by providing training and skills development. Partner with a young entrepreneur to mentor their success. Hire a special needs employee who may require unique accommodations. These are the things that will make your heart sing, far beyond your bank balance.

Stop seeking perfection. Do the best you can, whether that is launching a new product, offering a new service, or reaching out to a new customer base. As you reach for success, you will sometimes flounder, maybe even outright fail. Learn as you go, and you’ll continue to grow. Don’t wait for ‘perfection’ to launch that product or try something new. Prepare, launch, evaluate, and adjust. Perfection is a myth!

Stop trying to control what people do. How would you describe yourself as a boss? Fair minded? Encouraging? Team oriented? Dig deeper: How would your employees describe your leadership style? If you find yourself trying in vain to control those around you (such as your employees, your spouse, or your children,) ask yourself why, or whether another approach may yield greater results.

When we find ourselves trying hard to control other people, we send a message that our goals, our dreams, and our opinions are more important than theirs.

Seek first to understand. Ask questions to find out what motivates members of your team (or your spouse or children), and share your own goals and dreams. Look for intersections in areas of interest and motivation to get your team excited about company (or family) goals. Invite players to be part of your team’s mission, rather than trying to force, coerce, or pressure anyone into doing what you want.

Stop complaining and start feeling thankful. Imagine you suddenly lost your family, job, business, home...everything. Poof — gone.

Astounding loss tends to bring instant clarity. All of a sudden, we realize what we already have is so much more important than what we don’t have. Begin a habit of listing what you are grateful for, whether mentally or on paper, every day. When you train yourself to recognize the goodness in your business, relationships, and life, you will want to devote more resources to helping those good things blossom and grow.

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