7 Tips to Increase Headwear Sales

September 18, 2023




According to Cognitive Market Research, 40 million baseball caps are sold annually in the United States.


Does your store carry lucrative Caps + Hats?


IBISWorld [a global data analyst firm covering thousands of industries worldwide] says, “Adults are the primary purchasers of hats and caps. As the pool of adults expands, especially young adults between the ages of 20 and 29, hats and caps increase in demand. Young adults entering the workforce gain spending power, boding well for this industry. The number of adults aged 20 to 64 is expected to increase slowly in 2023, presenting a potential opportunity for industry operators.”


So, the pool of potential headwear buyers is growing.


To help you take advantage of this opportunity, Kerusso presents:


7 Tips to Increase Headwear Sales


Merchandise Right

Hats take up minimal square footage, so it’s easy to carry a variety of styles alongside your other apparel offerings. Keep your hat displays well stocked, and place them near the kind of casual apparel that appeals to wearers of hats and caps.


Mirrors + Lighting Matter

Enhance the customer experience with well-placed lighting and a handy mirror or two near your hat displays. Customers who touch the merch are much more likely to purchase, and a quick try-on (no dressing room needed!) will entice them to buy.


Go Social

Each time you stock new hat styles in your shop, post on social media about it using appropriate hashtags, such as #NewStock, #NewDrops, #hats, #caps, #BaseballCaps, #beanies, etc.


Develop a Loyalty Program

People who wear hats tend to do so habitually, and likely own more than one hat or cap. Reward their habit with loyalty points or a punch card so they’ll continue to purchase hats from your store.


Remember the Ladies

Stylish ball caps for her, chic Beanies, fun prints + sassy details…the women who shop in your store love an attractive topper, too—and they’ll appreciate styles that appeal to their fashion sense. If you’re new to the Women’s Headwear market, consider bringing in a seasonal selection of stylish Beanies, or half a dozen styles of classic Baseball Caps for her, to test the market.


Stand Out with Camouflage

The enduring popularity of this rugged pattern makes it a style staple among male and female shoppers. If you’re deciding which headwear designs to stock, keep camo in mind. From Desert to Digital to Forest-inspired, camo caps & beanies appeal to a broad spectrum of shoppers.


Hats Know No Season

Don’t pigeonhole your hat sales. Classic caps are in demand year-round, and if you merchandise right, they are an ideal add-on option alongside your other apparel inventory. Practice the upsell with your staff: “That T-shirt is a great choice. Did you see our coordinating hats?” Or, “Those hoodies have been really popular. We just got hats in from the same line—let me show you.”


Are you ready to INCREASE Headwear Sales?

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