Dropshipper Terms & Conditions


  • New accounts must complete and sign a New Account Application and Kerusso Dropshipper Memorandum of Understanding.
  • A $250 deposit is required to activate new Dropship Accounts. This deposit can be used to pay for your initial orders until your balance is $0. 
  • There is no minimum order size for Dropshipped orders. 
  • Minimum sales amount of $250 in each 12 month period is required to keep the account in good standing. This helps ensure that the drop ship program is being used solely for business purposes and safeguards the deep discounts offered by Kerusso. 
  • Beginning January 31, 2018, all accounts with a history of 12 months or longer will be evaluated on a monthly basis to ensure minimum sales requirements were met for the preceding 12 months. Kerusso reserves the right to terminate accounts which do not meet minimum sales standards. 
  • Orders must be submitted through the Kerusso Wholesale Hub: https://wholesale.kerusso.com 
  • Orders are processed every business day by 11:00 a.m. CT. 
  • Call us toll-free for support, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CT. 800-424-0943 or email wholesale@kerusso.com 
  • Orders typically ship within 2 to 3 business days regardless of shipping method requested. 
Dropshipper Resources 
  • Important News, resources and product information is all available on the Kerusso Wholesale website: https://wholesale.kerusso.com 
  • Most products are available in units; however some are only available in packages, such as buttons and guitar picks. 
  • The types of products Kerusso may offer for resale are
    • Current: Non-promotional products offered in the most recent Spring and/or Summer Catalogs.
    • Promotional: Specially-priced, seasonal, limited quantity, and/or limited time products. 
  • Kerusso provides timely updates to changes in product pricing, availability, descriptions, and images for Dropshippers to maintain accurate and up-to-date information in order to maintain favorable brand experience for end use customers. 
Wholesale Pricing
    • Wholesale pricing is offered as a set percentage discount off Kerusso U.S. Suggested Retail Prices.
      • $10.00 Base Wholesale Tee Price
      • 45% off MSRP for all gifts
    • Kerusso may offer reduced wholesale pricing as part of a special promotion. 
    • On any single order placed for 24 or more T-shirts, the wholesale base price will be adjusted to the base T-shirt pricing of $8.50 each on Kerusso Adult T-shirts, and Cherished Girl. 
    • Shipping is out of Berryville, Arkansas, USA using the most cost effective carrier, unless otherwise stated. 
    • Receive Free Freight on orders of $250 or more within the U.S. (Standard shipping rates apply for International Orders) 
    • Free Freight Shipments will ship ground with our preferred carrier and shipping method. 
    • Backorders will ship the most cost effective method. 
    • Orders that require rush processing or special handling may be subject to a handling fee plus any expedited shipping charges; please contact your Account Representative. 
    • Requested ship dates are not guaranteed. 
    • The confirmation information for your customers will be updated in the Kerusso Drop Ship Link where the order was originally generated. This confirmation will include ship date, fees and backorder info for each individual order. An email from FedEx/UPS-Quantum View will be emailed directly to you with tracking information for FedEx/UPS shipments.
    • To determine your customer’s shipping charges, refer to the following chart and visit FedEx.com, UPS.com, or USPS.com to access rates for residential deliveries and additional Fuel Surcharges. Kerusso is unable to drop ship C.O.D. 

    Continental U.S. Shipments


    Shipping Options

    3 lbs. or less

    USPS, FedEx, or UPS

    3 lbs. or more

    FedEx or UPS

    APO/PO Box, AK or HI Shipments

    All Priority Mail


    International Shipments

    4 lbs. or less

    First Class International

    4 lbs. or more

    Priority Mail International


    Customer Service

    • Kerusso warrants that its genuine products, purchased directly from Kerusso, will be free from manufacturing defects. 
    • Shortages, defective, or wrong merchandise must be reported to Customer Service within 30 days of receipt. 
    • Kerusso is not responsible for merchandise lost or damaged in transit or after delivery. 
    • Damaged goods or shortages in transit should be reported immediately to the delivering carrier. Retain cartons and product until claim is resolved. 
    • Unauthorized returns will be returned to the customer with the freight being the customer’s responsibility. 
    Special Customer Service
    • If a dropshipper’s customer contacts Kerusso with a customer service issue, order issue, etc., Kerusso will immediately alert the dropshipper and have them follow up and make the customer happy. 
    • If Kerusso is not able to get in touch with the dropshipper via phone or email within one business day, we will take care of the customer’s issue and will bill the dropshipper our time at $50 an hour and any additional product costs. 
    Returns and Exchanges
    • Kerusso is not responsible for merchandise lost or damaged in transit. 
    • If your customer wants to exchange or return an item, please contact us via email at wholesale@kerusso.com to request a Return Authorization Number (RMA #) and submit the replacement order through the Kerusso Drop Ship Link. Do not instruct your customers to return merchandise to Kerusso until you have obtained a Return Authorization Number. 
    • An RMA # must be used within 30 days and a 10% Restock Fee will apply on returns/exchanges, excluding discrepancies. 
    • Credits resulting from the return/exchange of merchandise will be added to your net term account or credited to the original card on which the merchandise was purchased. 
    Brand Representation Guidelines
    • Dropshipper is given limited, revocable license to use the logos and brand images provided on the Kerusso dropshipper site for the sole purpose of selling Kerusso merchandise. Dropshippers may not use Kerusso logos or images not provided on the drop shipping site, nor may they edit or alter the Kerusso logo in any way, with the exception of resizing images to a smaller size required by the dropshipper’s site. 
    • Dropshippers MAY NOT represent themselves as Kerusso, a subsidiary of Kerusso or an authorized reseller of Kerusso products. 
    • Dropshippers MAY NOT use Kerusso’s name or assets in a manner that, in Kerusso’s sole judgement, tends to imply Kerusso’s ownership or sponsorship of the dropshipper’s site. 
    • Dropshippers MAY NOT display any Kerusso owned web address or misspellings thereof in any advertisement either online or offline. 
    Search Advertising Guidelines
    • The above restrictions on Brand Representation apply to all any and all search advertisements. 
    • Dropshippers MAY NOT bid on Kerusso’s trademarked brand names, including variant spellings and misspellings on Google, MSN/Bing or Yahoo. This restriction applies to international versions of each. 
    • Dropshippers MAY NOT bid on the names of Kerusso’s competitors on Google, MSN/Bing or Yahoo. This restriction applies to international versions of each. See appendix for list of restricted terms. 
    • Dropshippers MAY bid on generic search terms (Christian t-shirts, faith-based shirts, etc.) on Google, MSN/BING, Yahoo and other search engines. 
    • Dropshippers MAY bid on shirt specific including theme and text (e.g. “Catch up with Jesus”, “Lion of Judah t-shirt”, etc.) on Google, MSN/BING, Yahoo and other search engines. 
    • Dropshippers must add Kerusso trademarked names, as well as competitor names to their negative keyword list so that bids allowed bids for generic or t-shirt specific searches do not violate Brand and Competitor restrictions. Guidelines and Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and will be immediately posted on the Kerusso dropshipping website. Continued sales, listing or marketing activity constitutes acceptance of terms and conditions as posted on the Kerusso website at that time. 


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