Retailing is simple with Design Sheets.

Order 8 or more pieces of the same T-Shirt apparel style and get a free design sheet for your Light House display.

now $FREE

Preview Apparel Designs

Our high quality Design Sheets provide a clear view of each design featured in your Light House Apparel Center, and give shoppers instant gratification in knowing which original looks and styles are available. We’ll provide this excellent sales tool with your order of 8+ pieces of the same T-shirt design.

Attract Customers

Customers can’t help but notice the beautifully displayed merchandise and attractive Design Sheets in our all-in-one Light House, and the hands-on factor of turning the display to view each design encourages merchandise interaction, which increases the chance of a sale. #SmartSolution

Reduce Apparel Maintenance

Let fussy folding tables and bulky hanging racks be a thing of the past. With simple organization and visual cues, the Light House Apparel Center is easy to maintain, easy to stock, and makes inventory planning a snap as well. You’ll be able to see at a glance what you have on hand, and quickly determine which styles and sizes to order.

Ideal for Seasonal Releases

You can bring in an entire lineup of merchandise each new season, without sacrificing space. Every square inch of your sales floor is valuable, and the Light House Apparel Center packs maximum profit potential into a minimal footprint. You can easily feature specialized seasonal releases within your existing Light House, and we’ll provide the Design Sheets you need with your 8+ piece order of each style.

Included with Restock Orders

When you restock your Light House Apparel Center, we’ll include the vibrant new Design Sheets you need to update your display. Every aspect of this program has been developed with Kerusso Retail Partners in mind, to provide everything you need to move merchandise and keep inventory turning.