A High-Impact Apparel Display

March 21, 2023



We recently spoke with proprietor Davie Buttrick about his experience with the Kerusso Light House 20 Apparel Display; Davie and his wife, Missy, took over operation of the Christian Bookstore of Beckley, WV, when his father-in-law, Michael (the second owner of this historic shop), passed away in 2021.

Founded in 1948, the Christian Bookstore of Beckley is celebrating 75 years in business, and is the second oldest independently-owned Christian bookstore in the country.

Davie and Missy ordered their Kerusso Display, the LAC20, at the Christian Product Expo in August 2022. They knew beforehand they’d be ordering this display at the show.

Davie says, “We used to hang all of our shirts, but we wanted more space on the sales floor. We needed to get a display for Kerusso, which would be more efficient for us. The shirts have taken off really well!”

Q: How does this display compare to other displays in your store?

A: This display is FABULOUS. If I was rating 1—10 and 10 was the best, I’d rate it a 20. It’s simple to put together. It’s all right there for you—inventory is easy.

Q: What is inventory and ordering like with your Kerusso Display?

A: I’m all about getting stuff in, getting stuff out. I don’t want anything sitting on the shelf. When I see 3–4 designs getting low, I talk to my rep or my Kerusso Customer Care Partner (CCP) and let them know what I need, they take care of it for me.

As soon as I get shirts out of the box, they go right into the display. They come folded. Customers are already asking about them, ‘Did you get ‘em in yet?’

Shipments arrive in a timely fashion. Michelle (my CCP) does a great job of communicating. She calls or emails to let me know if anything is on backorder, etc.

Q: How do customers interact with your Kerusso Display? Is it user-friendly?

A: We use the hanging display on the top; we put 2 designs up. When customers come in and see two different styles hanging on the top, it draws them to the display.

Customers love this display! When they come in, both men and ladies, they go straight to the display. It’s easy [for shoppers] to get the shirts out.

Q: Is there anything else that stands out about the Kerusso Display? 

A: One great thing Kerusso does—that a lot of companies don’t do—is that they actually provide a picture [of the product design] to go into the slots. A lot of companies don’t do that, and it’s very convenient for us.

This display was easy to put together, and has had a high impact on our sales. We wouldn’t change a thing about it!


If you’re wondering how a Kerusso Display would impact your bottom line, then reach out to your Sales Rep or Customer Care Partner today!




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