5 Ways Your Small Business Can Make Money on Facebook

April 22, 2020

Q: What do all these people have in common?

A: They’re on Facebook...and they are still shopping!

Kerusso® believes in you, and we are here with the inspirational products your customers are looking for, and ideas to help you keep selling.

In the midst of this pandemic, most communities are definitely not doing business-as-usual; the majority of our Retail Partners are positioning themselves to do business in new ways, in order to keep moving forward until we get back to normal.


5 Facebook Tips for Your Small Business

  1. Create a Facebook Page for your Business. Don’t leave money on the table! Nearly every target market and millions of people who fit your perfect customer profile are on Facebook.

  2. Bring Your Business Facebook Page Back to Life. If your friends haven’t visited your page for awhile and your post frequency is something like, “Um...when we think of it,” it’s time for an update.

  3. Set Up a Facebook Store.If you already have an online store, or want to set one up, using Facebook is an easy and effective way to boost your sales.

  4. Set Up a  Shop Section on Your Facebook Page. To see if you have access to this feature, visit your FB page and look for the Add Shop Section link below your Facebook page cover photo.

  5. Sell Online Using Facebook Groups. When you join Facebook Groups relating to your niche, you can use this platform to support and market your business.

Facebook is more than just a place to post memes or comment on cat gifs. If you aren’t selling on Facebook, you are missing out on a potential income stream. You’ve got this!

Are you looking for engaging products your customers will jump at the chance to buy, with Net Terms to make your wholesale purchase easier?



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