10 Top Sellers to Drive Holiday Sales: MEN'S EDITION

October 22, 2019

10 Top Sellers to Drive Holiday Sales:



Now is the time to stock your shelves with proven apparel, accessories, and gifts your customers will snap up for themselves, and for the loved ones on their Christmas shopping list.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing inside sales info in several categories to help you make informed purchasing decisions for your store, based on real time sales statistics. This week, we’re sharing our Top 10 Sellers in the category of Men’s Apparel.


Top 10 Selling Designs - Men’s Apparel

  1. HOLD FAST™ Mens T-Shirt - Freedom Wasn’t Free      SKU KHF3339   
  2. Kerusso® Christian T-Shirt - Catch Up                             SKU APT2038
  3. HOLD FAST™ Mens T-Shirt - Freedom Flag                    SKU KHF3263
  4. Kerusso® Christian T-Shirt - Freedom Was Not Free     SKU APT2804
  5. HOLD FAST™ Mens T-Shirt - Eisenhower                       SKU APT3260
  6. Kerusso® Christian T-Shirt - Mayo Light Shine               SKU APT2989
  7. Kerusso® Christian T-Shirt - May The Lord                     SKU APT1686
  8. HOLD FAST™ Mens T-Shirt - For Honor                          SKU KHF3261
  9. HOLD FAST™ Mens T-Shirt - Because Of The Brave     SKU KHF3256
  10. Kerusso® Christian T-Shirt - Salvation                             SKU APT1687


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