7 Tips for Making the Most of the Atlanta Market

January 14, 2020


The AmericasMart Atlanta Gift Show January 13-21 has a lot to offer! If you’ve never been before, it can be overwhelming just how much there is to see. With a little preparation you can maximize the value of your visit, scoring great deals and phenomenal products for your business along the way.


7 Tips to Get the Most out of the Atlanta Market

Tip #1: Practice Self-Care - wear sturdy shoes, pack water + snacks.

You’ll be doing a lot of walking, and you don’t want to end up with blisters. Wear supportive shoes and quality socks, toss a reusable water bottle in your backpack, tote, or purse, and bring simple snacks to keep you going. Think of this as Survivor: Retail Stocking Edition.

Tip #2: Make a Plan.

You’ll want to visit your favorite vendors early on. {Make an appointment to visit Kerusso’s beautiful new 350 square foot permanent space in Building 2 on the 13th Floor, space 1327. We’ll be doing giveaways daily in the showroom.

Confirmed Booked Appointments to our showroom will receive (4) T-shirts FREE with their order — a $67.96 Minimum Retail Value. Reach out to your Rep to book your appointment.

Browse vendors by category here to plan your day(s) at the show.

Tip #3: Map out a Path.

Once you know which vendors are at the top of your list, devise a sensible path through each building to hit them all. Seasoned attendees often begin with the spacious permanent showrooms in Building 2, ending their visit with the temporary booths in Building 3. There is no right or wrong way to approach this marketplace, but planning your journey in advance will save you time and trouble flitting from one floor or building to another and back again if you missed a favorite supplier.

Tip #4: Consider 2020 Holiday Needs.

It seems like the Christmas shopping season just ended, doesn’t it? That’s probably because Christmas was less than 3 weeks ago! It may seem early, but savvy shopkeepers are thinking about this year’s holiday season already, and the January Atlanta Gift Show is an awesome opportunity to stock up on unique inventory for the busiest shopping season of the year.

Tip #5: Network. Network. Network.

Smile, make eye contact, and prepare to rub shoulders. Whether you are looking for a keen apparel supplier, seeking ideas, or hoping to solve business challenges, marketplace events are one of the best places to network with suppliers and fellow owner/operators in the trenches. Jot down notes on the back of business cards you collect, and follow up in email or on Facebook with high value connections. Walking away with insight and fresh ideas for your business adds value to your trip.

Tip #6: Learn Something.

If you already know everything there is to know about operating a successful retail business, then definitely ignore the valuable seminars and workshops offered during the event. If, on the other hand, you would benefit from voices you haven’t heard, ideas you’ve never tried, or perspectives you haven’t thought of before — take a peek at the educational opportunities available for show attendees.

You’ll find everything from “The Psychology of Price” to live art demonstrations, floral design to influencer marketing. Arrive early for a good seat and take notes; you’ll want to share what you’ve learned with the team back home. Additional opportunities include cooking demos, social events, and relaxation lounges where you can set down your goodies and take a break before you set out for further exploration.

Tip #7: Don’t Skip the Temporaries.

You never know what treasures are waiting for you in the Temporary show booths! You’ll find members of Team Kerusso® in our temporary space at Building 3, 5th Floor, Booth #411. The vendors you find in the Temps are sometimes smaller or less established, but you might discover something special your customers will love, that you didn’t see in the showroom spaces.

Handy Links for the Atlanta Gift Show — January 2020

AmericasMart Floor Maps

Atlanta Market Exhibitor Directory

Events (Education, Demos, Social Mixers, Lounge Locations)

Reach Team Kerusso onsite in Atlanta: ATL@Kerusso.com

We hope to see you there!


2020 Marketplace Events
2020 Marketplace Events

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TEAM KERUSSO® IS HITTING THE ROAD! Mark you calendar and set an appointment with your rep to come see us at one of our upcoming shows.
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